The new Fathers jam is perfect for 3:00 am listening. This one’s got it all: vocal melodies dripping with honey, warm, slinking guitar leads, a laid back rhythm, and an outro that I want to expand to the edge of the universe. If Real Estate, Kurt Vile, and Tame Impala are your thing, I highly recommend getting familiar with this song.

And while you’re at it, check out more Fathers on SoundCloud and Facebook.


Fathers - “Tumbling”

He woke with a startled sense of urgency. In the thick, foggy consciousness, just as he was beginning to realize that he was awake, he recalled the dream once again. Standing there, in the middle of a city he’d visited only once but somehow knew as intimately as the street he’d grown up on, observing the blurred spectacle. He wasn’t actually standing there in the dream, though. He couldn’t walk down the streets or through the parks or into buildings. He was an outsider, an onlooker; unable to exist, only catching a thousand tiny glimpses that hardly added up to anything at all. Infinitely drifting, spiraling, tumbling in the wrong direction— not even believing in a correct direction. Holding on to the faint and tattered images that were once bold and vivid, a blurred outline of former ambition.

He woke with a startled sense of urgency, but promptly rolled over and delved into senselessness yet again.


"You know that place between asleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming?"

I have nothing more to say. How long will these songs continue to grip me? It’s been months and months and months and I can’t shake how special this batch of recordings is.

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It’s still beyond me how Fathers (aka James Bishop) isn’t the most popular dude on the planet (or at least the Internet) yet. I wrote about a few of his songs a couple months ago on my previous website, but I feel compelled to do the least that I can and share this wonderful track on Tumblr in hopes that a few more people might hear it and love it as much as I do. More at SoundCloud.